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my anaconda

As it turns out, today is a Python day. I have just started Chapter 10 on Files and Exceptions in this book, and I am contemplating how I might make use of external files as saved games for my dating sim. Surely there’s a more databasey, user-dependent way of doing things that I’ll learn eventually, but it’s not going to hurt me to evolve along the way.

I’m finding Python to be a very ‘cute’ language, with its lack of types and its reliance on indentation to define blocks. Never have I met such lackadaisical conventions. To be honest, they freak me out a little.

But that’s neither here nor there. Ren’py, one of the most well known and widely used otome engines for hobbyists, runs on Python (I finally know where the Py in its name comes from!) and that leads me to believe it might be decently suited for the lite version I hope to come up with. I want my projects to remain fully online, mostly because of the hassles I’ve faced in the past getting people to download .exe files, and I’ll admit I know little to nothing at this point about how well that would go over. The images required for a decent dating sim alone would probably make it prohibitively expensive, bandwidth-wise, but I guess I’ll see more of that as I go along.

For now, I return to the world of external files. Python’s handling of them reminds me of its long-lost-third-cousin-twice-removed C’s approach, which probably proves they aren’t so different after all.