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my anaconda

As it turns out, today is a Python day. I have just started Chapter 10 on Files and Exceptions in this book, and I am contemplating how I might make use of external files as saved games for my dating sim. Surely there’s a more databasey, user-dependent way of doing things that I’ll learn eventually, but it’s not going to hurt me to evolve along the way.

I’m finding Python to be a very ‘cute’ language, with its lack of types and its reliance on indentation to define blocks. Never have I met such lackadaisical conventions. To be honest, they freak me out a little.

But that’s neither here nor there. Ren’py, one of the most well known and widely used otome engines for hobbyists, runs on Python (I finally know where the Py in its name comes from!) and that leads me to believe it might be decently suited for the lite version I hope to come up with. I want my projects to remain fully online, mostly because of the hassles I’ve faced in the past getting people to download .exe files, and I’ll admit I know little to nothing at this point about how well that would go over. The images required for a decent dating sim alone would probably make it prohibitively expensive, bandwidth-wise, but I guess I’ll see more of that as I go along.

For now, I return to the world of external files. Python’s handling of them reminds me of its long-lost-third-cousin-twice-removed C’s approach, which probably proves they aren’t so different after all.

decisions, decisions

My time in coding bootcamp is scheduled to come to an end at the start of September. I will have three extensive portfolio projects completed by that time (two accompanied by a history of disgustingly vague and amateurish Git commits, but what can you do), all of them questionably frivolous. From what I understand, there are quite a number of financial coding jobs around here, and I imagine a theme park wait time app is hardly impressive to the people giving those positions out.

In preparation for my “graduation”, I’m supposed to identify the niches I want to fill; the types of jobs I would most like to have. But my criteria for employment has always been more along the lines of “nice people, decent benefits, 401(k) plan” than “blockchain startup”. It’s hard.

A quarter of me would love to move. Every day I wake up wondering why I’m voluntarily waiting around here to be blown up. The answer is because I love this city. I love being able to walk thirty blocks north or south and see more than most other people do in a month. But every day my self-preservation grows. Soon, it might outweigh my attachment.

Still, that doesn’t solve the problem of knowing what I want to be. I already implied in my first post that I am vehemently avoiding gaming-related occupations, but in truth that is all I can really think of to do. Someone recently suggested that I look into VR (more on that in the future), but it feels so gimmicky that I’ve put off doing so with any seriousness.

I guess my biggest problem is that I simply don’t know what sorts of jobs are out there. Were I someone else coming to myself for advice, I would say, “well, go out there and see what sorts there are.” So, I think that’s what I’ll do. Maybe some particularly interesting listings will find their way on to this very blog. It will at least be a way to keep myself accountable.

Until tomorrow, pancakes.

the end

Before I begin, I’d like to start at the end.

I am a former Web Producer for Conde Nast (Concierge, Details, Glamour) forced into an early mid-life crisis spiral after a cancer diagnosis in 2009. I have spent the last five and a half years as a receptionist, in an effort to slow down my life, but I am toying with the idea of speeding it back up again.

This past January I enrolled in a Full Stack Web Development coding bootcamp in an effort to bring myself up to speed with current technology and cobble together a support system to help me switch careers. It’s going well sometimes, or rather, it’s going well consistently enough that I feel confident spreading myself around and trying to make other baby developer friends. Hello, baby developers!

So, back to the end. I’m going to begin this blog with a bucket list of sorts, a selection of personal projects that I would love to finish before I go. A lot of them are game related and I’m not apologizing for that. Game design is my first passion, but I am painfully aware that the gaming industry is one that quickly burns people out and leaves them gasping by the side of the road. I don’t want that for myself, so I dabble. I plan side projects and hope that I can turn them into viable full stack portfolio pieces.

Feel free to join me.

  • Create a point-and-click adventure game.
  • Create an RPG.
  • Write a story for Choice of Games.
  • Make a proper dating sim. (I made one for school a while back, but ho boy there were problems with it.)
  • Code a vaguely old-school Pottermore clone. (Quizzes that assign you “houses” and “wands”, potion-making, pets, etc.)
  • Write and draw a comic.

This list is subject to change at any time.