decisions, decisions

My time in coding bootcamp is scheduled to come to an end at the start of September. I will have three extensive portfolio projects completed by that time (two accompanied by a history of disgustingly vague and amateurish Git commits, but what can you do), all of them questionably frivolous. From what I understand, there are quite a number of financial coding jobs around here, and I imagine a theme park wait time app is hardly impressive to the people giving those positions out.

In preparation for my “graduation”, I’m supposed to identify the niches I want to fill; the types of jobs I would most like to have. But my criteria for employment has always been more along the lines of “nice people, decent benefits, 401(k) plan” than “blockchain startup”. It’s hard.

A quarter of me would love to move. Every day I wake up wondering why I’m voluntarily waiting around here to be blown up. The answer is because I love this city. I love being able to walk thirty blocks north or south and see more than most other people do in a month. But every day my self-preservation grows. Soon, it might outweigh my attachment.

Still, that doesn’t solve the problem of knowing what I want to be. I already implied in my first post that I am vehemently avoiding gaming-related occupations, but in truth that is all I can really think of to do. Someone recently suggested that I look into VR (more on that in the future), but it feels so gimmicky that I’ve put off doing so with any seriousness.

I guess my biggest problem is that I simply don’t know what sorts of jobs are out there. Were I someone else coming to myself for advice, I would say, “well, go out there and see what sorts there are.” So, I think that’s what I’ll do. Maybe some particularly interesting listings will find their way on to this very blog. It will at least be a way to keep myself accountable.

Until tomorrow, pancakes.

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